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What I got for my Airstream today

The LED marker lights I ordered off eBay arrived today. They cost about $18 NZD each, the shipping cost about $40 NZD for the 3 x red & 2 x amber LED marker lights.

Airstream Marker Lights

The plastic on my current ones are a bit foggy but still works fine, however one of my amber marker light has a clip missing and is hanging loose. Comparing the old with the new ones received, I found the old one has the double sided foam adhesive missing, and the clips are made of plastic. Good to see that they upgraded new ones with proper metal clips, which make them very solid!

I am looking to replace the 2 front amber marker lights & the 3 top rear red marker lights replaced, this should make it look nice and new.

If you are also looking for replacement lights, the part number is: PL7123A, these are actually lights designed for Ford Chevy Dodge.


What I also got for my Airstream today is that I have managed to install a domestic dump station, yes you heard it right we have our very own private dump station, no more waiting in line and no more seeing mess left by previous dumper! It feels so good when you can finally manage your own poo.

This also means that we can use the toilet and shower when we are parked up at home, and use it as a spare room! well worth the effort.

Yes the dump point is complete with a lid, and yes it is sitting by the lavenders… hmm hmm hmm…