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Preparing an Airstream for NZ Roads

US Tow ball

So congratulations, you have got your first Airstream in New Zealand! Now you need to be able to tow it home safely. There are quite a lot you need to prepare and watch out for before you hitch her up.

Quick check list

  1. Size of tow ball needs to be 2 5/16″ – 2 commom ones in NZ are 1 7/8″ & 50mm, and not the big brother 2 5/16″, so make sure you got the right ball, or you will be seeing your Airstream passing you by down the hill!
  2. A suitable trailer plug converter –  that will run your Airstream rear lights!
  3. Electric brake controller – Powered by 12v, this is essential if you need to tow your Airstream safely!
  4. Vehicle tow rating – Airstreams are nose heavy, so make sure your tow truck is fit for this task!


It is pretty straight forward getting a new plate for your Airstream. Simpy fill out a MR2B form and pay the fee, and way you go.


  1. Vehicle width – if your Airstream is wider than 2.5m, you are out of luck if you need to tow her out often.
  2. Vehicle weight – if it is over 2.5 tons, you must have working brakes installed.

Special Thanks

I would like to thank Steve & Jill Norman from airstreamnz.co.nz for all their support, I couldn’t have done it without them!!

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