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Day 6 – We’re Moving In

Start living in an Airstream

The storm has finally cleared, we are able to start getting the Airstream ready for camping. We start the day by tidying up the interior of the van, in which is brand new that has never been used and only took 30 min to get everything done. We shifted all our stuff from the car to the van, we’re surprised to see that the Airstream is so well designed with plenty of storage!

There is an episode of stress today, OMG! Jaedon managed to lock us out of both the car and the Airstream today! how did a 5 year old manage to pull this off? Well, I left my keys inside the Airstream, and Jaedon manage to slam the door shut locking us out. All spare keys are in the car that is also locked. I managed to find a piece of wire to thread it through the window gap to pull the locks off… well that saved the day… time to enjoy a nice afternoon tea!

Airstream Kitchen