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Day 5 New Challenges

Airstream for New Zealand WOF

Got the Airstream into a local garage for WOF to find that the US power adaptor is not compatible with the tail lights. The indicator and brake lights won’t trigger the lights to flash at all. James the mechanic suggested a faulty adaptor, but was kind enough to help me mount my new plate, and let me pass WOF.

With no working tail lights, we will be liable in the event of an accident. This didn’t help towards being the first timer caravan-er. All I can do is to focus on my driving and take things slow. On a positive note, the electric brakes work like a dream, this is crucial part of towing, especially going downhill on a winding route!

Another issue was with the dead cells in the deep cycle batteries, so also bought a marine battery as the cheaper alternative, so we can run 12v lights in the van. We are really glad to know that our Airstream is now road worthy and almost ready for camping!

Meanwhile, Pauanui is pounded with the worst storm ever, with 45 degree rain bucketing down with gale force wind of up to 120kns/hour. All that we could do was to sit the storm out, as it is way too dangerous to be towing a caravan in this weather condition.

We checked in to a self-contained motel unit at the Glade Camping Ground, and enjoyed a warm and comfortable stay for the night.

Airstream at NZ local garage in Pauanui