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$500,000 Watch Complete with Singing Bird

In 1738, clockmaker Pierre Jaquet Droz set up his first clock-making workshop—soon after, he gained fame for adding music and automata to his creations.

To celebrate its 275th anniversary, his brand Jaquet Droz has created the first watch that comes with a mini singing bird within it.

Called ‘The Charming Bird’, the 47mm-diameter hand-winded timepiece has an intricate mechanism that’s made by “miniaturising” Pierre Jaquet Droz’s 18th-century techniques—according to Time and Watches—and has a mechanical bird sitting under a dome on its face.

At the push of a button, the system in the watch—made up of gears, bridges, plates and the likes—will move, and cause the bird to flap its wings, turn, move its head, and ‘sing’ via a sapphire crystal whistle system.

The Charming Bird will retail at about US$500,000, limited to 28 pieces.

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